FRESH MANNA by Pastor Paul Locke for 5/02/2016 and YouTube

Bread from heaven is Jesus who reminds us about Manna that God provided to the Israelites daily excepting the Sabbath day of rest. (Ex 16:4-5 & Jhn 6:51)  The application of fresh Manna to the Word of God is to seek fresh revelation from God that we may apply it to our everyday situations.  Old revelation like stale Manna cannot be used so the question we should ask “Are we applying ourselves to our daily bread that we pray for in the Lord’s Prayer?” (Mtt 6:11)

Prophecy is one method God uses to provide our daily bread, for knowledge is imparted to the Prophets before God acts. (Am 3:7)  Jesus speaks to us directly or indirectly through a donkey with the express purpose to prosper us. (Num 22:28-33)  God spoke through Prophet Gerald Rowlands about the Endtime revival in Australia and the new things God will be doing in these last days, but rejected because of pride by the very people open to things of the Spirit.  They eat worm riddled old Manna.

Harbingers are warnings from God that He is about to do something if He is disobeyed. (Ex 11:9)  Australia has been given a Harbinger through my friend who commented, "God bless Australia from Bob Hawke." Subsequently Bob Hawke rose to be Prime Minister of Australia and made the gaff at the Centenary Celebration of the Fabian Society in Australia, by spelling out who they were and their goals. These Fabians come from every political persuasion, as though, they were all the one party. The goal is to foist upon Australia a "Socialist Dictatorship" by consensus.” (Num 24:9b)

America suffers from the same problem of having evil represented through their leaders who have strayed from God. (Deut 1:35)  Rabbi Jonathan Cahn reveals the history of Ground Zero a harbinger for America.  I wrote about the Twin Towers as a warning for America to keep out of the Middle East, ( ) for Russia is unwilling to invade Israel as an act of discipline to the Muslim world by God. (Ezek 38:22)

Last Day is upon us and the question is “Are we ready to meet the Lord in the air?” (1Thess 4:16-18)  Who in their right mind would opt to remain behind awaiting the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?  It is written, “If the time were not cut short, then no one would survive it.” (Mtt 24:22)  You can change your tomorrow today if you repent of your sin and receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.  It is not too late today to heed the warning from God.  


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