GAY G.G. IN CANBERRA by Pastor Paul Locke for 24/11/2013

Coronation of Queen was a world changing event and she is loved by the nations.  Her instalment to power was ordained by God who required her to be the ‘Protector of the Faith’ as head of the Anglican Church.  The success of the Crown is the apolitical role played and rightly all her representatives worldwide should reflect the values made by agreement by her with God.  A non-Christian is not fit to be appointed to a role representing the Queen.

False numbers are given as statistics of who are for same sex marriage or a republic in Australia.  The truth is that only a very small number of our population wants any change and know the dangers involved with supporting change to our Constitution.  I have advised the Indigenous people of Australia not to be fooled into supporting a change to the Constitution for improved conditions because the devil knows he succeeded once with Hitler’s Enabling Bill and can do it again.

Hitler on taking over power murdered old, disabled, and mentally challenged that were in hospital care.  He extended this to minority groups until the Arian Race protocols were in place and this Nazi plot exists today under the guise of Eugenics the killing of most people in the world.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffet Jnr. are prominent promoters of Eugenics and are under the radar creating food control that can be used for genocide.

Gay Rights is an oxy-moron as un-repealed laws exist making homosexuality illegal.  One man Gareth Evans later appointed to the United Nations signed a treaty without voter permission that allowed U.N. laws to override our Constitution.  The treaty has made homosexuality legal when in reality homosexuality is a satanic religion and not a human right.  Germany has not allowed their Constitution to be polluted by the Treaty they signed and so should we begin with a new treaty.

Resign and repent before the whole nation is what the G.G. should do because she while in office politically promoted homosexuality and a republic.  She is disqualified like King Herod because he did not give praise to God, ‘an angel of the Lord struck him down and he was eaten by worms and died.’ (Acts 12:23)  God will forgive her if she repents from cursing Australia a special nation under God called ‘The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit’.

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