GHOSTBUSTERS by Pastor Paul Locke for 8/01/2016 and YouTube

Fictional Ghostbusters are a group of actors playing professional Ghost Pest Controllers who use a vacuum cleaner to suck up ghosts to place them in a secure jail box container.  Their ghosts are vapour like beings that haunt places by manifesting as physical beings able to do harm.  Most people do not believe in ghosts but accept the imagination when played out on the screen by actors.  Folk lore imbeds the existence of ghosts on the minds of people from childhood.

Non-fictional Ghostbusters are born again Christians with the power of attorney of Jesus to remove unwanted spirits from locations.  Jesus demonstrated the power when he commanded a legion of demonic spirits to leave a man tormented among the tombs at Gadarene. (Lk 8:26-39)  Unwanted ghosts are not placed in a jail box but sent to the Abyss from where they cannot return. (Lk 8:31)  Demons are fallen angels thrown out of heaven to earth with Lucifer the Devil.

Angels or Demons is the question?  Everyone has at least one of these spirits that impact the way we behave.  The two cannot be in the same house at the same time because we cannot serve two masters. (2Cor 11:14, Lk 16:13)  Angels are from God while demons are from Satan.  A person’s behaviour is the outward sign to others which spirit they have and the Bible calls good signs “Fruit of the Spirit” (Gal 5:22-24)  Everyone who is not Born Again has demons.

Demonic activity is usually hidden; for Satan wants us to believe he does not exist.  People are most vulnerable to manipulation of the mind during sleep when past hurts enter our minds in an attempt to promote unforgiveness. (Lk 6:37)  Overt evil thinking and murderous actions are products of selling your soul to the devil for gain. (2Tim 3:2)  Jesus came to set us free and commands us to be Born Again; a miracle from on high.

Angels are ministering Spirits to the heirs of salvation and everyone is given a Guardian Angel at birth. (Heb 1:14)  The Bible calls this a hedge that protects the righteous and if we break the hedge the serpent will bite us. (Job 1:10, Ps 34:7)  Demons enter through sin and deliverance comes through repentance. (1Jhn 1:9)  God gives people bravery, power, love, and a sound mind when in Jesus Christ, so to bust your ghosts repent and claim the power in the Blood of Jesus.


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