GOLD STANDARD by Pastor Paul Locke for 17/01/2017

Prosperity of nations is measured by Gross National Product, an ability to have excess of production required for local consumption.  The first question should be “Can this nation feed the people?”  If the answer is “No”, then the next question is “Why?”  Take for instance Israel a land that was rejected by the Jordanians as wasteland when they made a claim for partitioning Palestine, lands which were set aside for the Jews by the Balfour Agreement.

People in unity working for a common cause can produce results and Jews did this in Israel.  They turned a wasteland into an oasis through unified hard work and innovation and became an orchard in the Middle East.  Inside Israel in the West bank where Arabs live, there is lack of investment of time in unity to produce food on the scale of their Jewish neighbours.  Russian communal farms failed to produce Jewish style results for the same reason.

Gold is a precious metal that was the measure of a nation’s wealth, however, as the wealth became more than the gold available a new measure was needed.  Instead of an increase in the price of gold to cover the shortfall an evil scheme of the banks was introduced.  This scheme allowed banks to create credit without security and has morphed into a monster World Bank that seeks to own everything, thus putting democracy under threat by usurping people power by Corporations.

Reverse flow is where the actual wealth remains in the hands of the nation and can be achieved by governments legislating new rules for the banks.  The trickery of international banks purporting to lend money to national banks must stop, for all credit that is necessary can be created by government.  Banks must lodge tangible assets to cover the issuance of gold replacement bonds and such tangible assets held in trust by government.  Assets held are redeemable on bond surrender.

Foreign ownership of nation’s assets must be reversed and all that property acquired allowing the benefits to flow back to the nation.  Privatisation is a bank ploy to transfer the nation’s wealth to corporations by foul means; a new form of bribery.  Unpaid tax from money created out of thin air (that is non asset backed creation of credit) is robbing the nations and enforcement can be a means to bring the banks to their knees.  This next round of bank planned financial collapse in the world is the ideal time to take over and nationalise banks.


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