GOOD & BAD SPIRITS by Pastor Paul Locke for 16/10/2015

Spoonerism “If you lie down with fleas you get dogs.”  Demonic spirits are like fleas they love to jump on you and the only protection for us is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  The product of fleas is disease infection; for example the Bubonic Plague, however demons operate in manifold ways and in particular a person is influenced to take on the persona of the demon, an evil spirit is an example. (1Sam 19:9)  The spirit of fear is not from God. (2Tim 1:7)

Christian Fellowship is supposed to be a safe place to grow but Satan takes advantage of openness when defences are down.  We are warned not to fellowship with unbelievers (2Cor 6:14) for their fleas will jump on you when you are open to attack.  Everyone who is not in Christ Jesus is demonically infested and only regular or daily repentance keeps believers clean from demons. (1Jhn 1:9)  Unrighteous Teachers are a major source of demonic infestation.

Discernment of spirits is a Gift of God and is meant as a tool for Born Again believers. (1Cor 12:10)  Poor old King Saul was tormented by an evil spirit and did not know about repentance but relied upon the presence of the Glory of God that manifested during worship of David and his harp. (1Sam 16:23)  Jesus taught on authority of believers over demons when he sent out the twelve disciples and later the seventy two. (Lk 9:1 & 10:17)

Jesus identifies demonic spirits in the Gadarene Demoniac as ‘Legion’; an army of six thousand whom He cast out into a herd of pigs. (Mk 5:9-13)  Jesus identifies sickness as demonic with the exception of a particular case; a man blind at birth was to show the work of God in his life. (Jhn 9:1-3)  Jesus was anointed to deliver and heal people and confirmed this when He read from the Prophet Isaiah on the Scroll saying “The Spirit of the Lord is on me…”

Light and Darkness is a reference to the environment around each of us, for example ‘Living in the light.’ (Jhn 12:36)  Jesus is the light of the world and we as the hands and feet of Jesus are light bearers.  Absolute darkness at the bottom of the pit the abode of demons or torment in the lake of fire is painful to demons.  The threat of this outcome for their disobedience to a legal command is the restraint of wayward demons in this world. (Rev 20:10)


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