GREATEST MIRACLE by Pastor Paul Locke for 10/09/2015

Lost Sheep is an illustration of lost souls that Jesus the Good Shepherd finds and saves. (Lk 15:7)All heaven rejoices when a lost sheep is found and nowhere else does this happen even when God is glorified through mighty miracles of healing.Jesus cast out demons and raised Lazarus from the dead (Jhn 11:43) and still does not rate a mention of rejoicing in heaven in witness to these mighty works.

Great Commission is a clear direction for the Church to go out and preach the Gospel with all power and authority finding people to teach on the Kingdom of God. (Mtt 28:18-20)The Gospel of Jesus Christ has supernatural power to impute saving faith to the hearer and what the hearer does with this faith is the important question. ††The Gospel is the Gospel of Salvation to those who believe and those who do not believe are condemned. (2Cor 4:3)

Jesus tells us that those who hear His voice and let Him in are able to fellowship with Him. (Rev 3:20)Those who have unforgiven sin cannot approach God, so the condition of a man determines whether he can speak with God.Believers who do sin should be quick to repent and be re-instated to fellowship through Grace.Trial and error is a normal condition of man in Church during the time of being perfected. (2Cor 7:9)

Gifts of knowledge and wisdom dictate to a Born Again believer on how to live in the power and anointing of God. (1Cor 12:1-3)Ordinary believers are ignorant and lack the power gifts that are given to every baptised in the Holy Spirit believer.Being Born Again, a miracle from on high is the reference to the Holy Spirit Baptism.Those who are not Born Again are ignorant of the extra dimension God has for us and really are feeble impotent witnesses for Jesus. (Acts 1:8)

Faith is one of the gifts and it is Godís Faith that we can harness by linking with it by our own faith. (1Cor 12:9)Without a measure of faith we cannot please God and Jesus rebuked his disciples for having little faith. (Mtt 17:20-21)Solomon made the wrong choice when he asked for wisdom instead of faith that operates all the gifts of God that make us strong.God illustrated to me a lion sparing a mouse as the difference to a Born Again believer and one who was not.


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