GREATER MIRACLES by Pastor Paul Locke for 24/07/2015

Miracles are from God for Nicodemus said to Jesus, “No one could perform the miraculous signs you are doing if God were not with him.” (Jhn 3:2)  Jesus said to his disciples “Greater things you will do because I am going to the Father.  Anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.  I will do what you ask me in my name.” (Jhn 14:11-13)  Miracles glorify our Father in heaven and that Jesus has authority on earth to forgive sin.

Vine is Jesus and those with faith in him are the Branches.  Pruning the Branches makes the Vine more fruitful.  So we as Branches must remain on the Vine to bear much fruit.  Pruned Branches die and are thrown into the fire. (Jhn 15:1-5)  Salvation of the souls of men is the reason Jesus came into the world in a flesh body.  He describes himself as the Rock, on him He will build His Church. (Mtt 16:18)  No one goes to the Father except through Him.

Lost Sheep are those not yet saved and Heaven rejoicing when one is found suggests that this is the greater of miracles: nowhere does healing and other miracles occupy this exalted position. (Lk 15:4)  Casting out demons by the Finger of God brings the Kingdom of God among us. This deliverance is a promise and expected when a sinner repents. (1Jhn 1:9)  Now is the moment of empowerment by Ministers of the Holy Spirit. (2Cor 3:6)

Spirit of Fear comes from the Devil and is an impediment in people we meet in the street (2Tim 1:7) and often we bind that spirit when a person says “No”.  This unlocks the door because binding and loosing are the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. (Mtt 18:18)  These keys are tools in evangelism and there are many things we need to know in street evangelism.  If you are interested you will find the free Online Evangelist School on our website

Miracle Workers are Born Again Christians who understand the will of God for us to be the hands and feet of Jesus on earth.  When they pray miracles happen for by faith they have been given the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. (1Cor 12:1-11)  People of this Power Status know that failure to impart the Holy Spirit to others causes God to say, “You wicked lazy servant…take the talent from him…and throw that worthless servant outside into the darkness…” (Mtt 25:26,28,30)


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