HAUNTING 2 by Pastor Paul Locke 4/08/2016

Environment called heaven is strata when applied to earth as layer upon layer.  Hell is a place of fire like the earth’s core at the lowest level of the 1st heaven that is accessed via a tunnel leading to a pit.  A grave is a natural place for a decaying body which returns to dust. (Gen 2:7)  When the spirit leaves and returns to God the life leaves the flesh.  The spirit returned to Lazarus at the command of Jesus and he came to life even though ‘he stinketh’.  (Jhn 11:39-43)

1st Heaven is the physical earth above surface realm as opposed to the lower 1st heaven.  This place is the abode of physical earthlings which become the slaves of demonic spirits which inhabit them.  All mankind is demonised because of the curse of Adam (Gen 3:17-19) which separates them from God until they respond to the stimulus to repent.  The flood was to purge the earth of sin and demonstrate the willingness of God to save mankind. (Gen 6:5, 8:21)

2nd Heaven is the invisible realm where spirits abode between 1st heaven and 3rd heaven.  The residents are hosts of demonic angels that came as the third of Gods Angels that were cast down to earth with Satan. (Lk 10:18-20, Rev 12:9)  Their job is to enter into any available flesh body to assert authority in the physical realm of the 1st heaven.  The Gadarene Demoniac was controlled by a legion of demons and shows how they can affect a human being in the 1st heaven. (Lk 8:29-31)

3rd Heaven is where the Throne Room of God is located and had one hundred billion angels before the one third were cast down to earth. (Rev 5:11)  Surrounding the Throne are four Living Creatures, twenty four Elders, and the Redeemed who sing praises to God and the Lamb.  The four Living Creatures around the throne of God continually say “Holy, Holy, Holy”.  This celebration could be attributed to an event of a sinner repenting on earth. (Lk 15:7)

Travel between the 1st heaven and the 3rd heaven is permitted to Angels on assignments that ascend and descend on a ladder or stairway to heaven. (Jhn 1:51)  Only Satan the accuser was able to appear before God to accuse holy men, but now for those in Jesus there is no condemnation.  Jesus sits at the right hand of God on a throne and those who overcome death in Christ Jesus are able to sit with him on his throne in heaven. (Rev 3:21)


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