HAUNTING 3 by Pastor Paul Locke 10/08/2016

Dark Secrets are the operational activities of demonic spirits that affect mankind.  Satan is called the Father of Lies and no truth can be found in him. (Jhn 8:44)  Deception is mimicking that which God the Creator does but the outcome is always to draw mankind away from God.  The test of which spirit is in a person called Christian is they must be able to confess that “Jesus Christ has come in the flesh.” (1Jhn 4:2)

Angels of Light are God’s Angels but Satan and his demons can deceive by appearing as Angels of Righteousness, so we must be aware of this. (2Cor 11:13-15)  The most common vessel that is used by Satan is many a person in the Church who adopts teaching roles and promotes false doctrine about salvation.  They occupy positons of power and attack genuine servants of God.  Jesus calls them the Church of Satan, they who tell lies about true believers. (Rev 2:9)

Power limitation of demons is only over the unrepented of mankind who have sin that needs to be dealt with.  They use self-curses to pull down believers of the Gospel and these curses are part of the normal culture language. (2Thes 2:10) Take for instance someone saying, “I am sick” then they are.  They should say sickness is trying to get me but I confess that, “Any germ, virus, or disease that touches my body must die immediately, in the name of Jesus.” (Lk 10:17)

Naming demons is to exert power over them in the name of Jesus. (Lk 8:26)  We must not have two way conversations with demons, but command them to obey your directions in the name of Jesus.  Demons know who you are when you have the Holy Spirit of the Living God in you. (Mtt 8:29)  Territorial spirits were created at the table of nations when mankind was scattered into territories and the local affairs are guided by them so to conquer a territory for God is to bind them.

Church is the greatest source of God’s power on earth but fail to teach or exercise this power in their communities. (Eph 1:19)  This is the reason God raises up individuals into power and revelation to do His will.  I speak and miracles happen in the name of Jesus and the people gathered around me can do the same thing.  God is not a man that he would tell lies, so all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me as an Ambassador of Jesus Christ. (Mtt 28:19)


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