HAUNTING 6 by Pastor Paul Locke 1/09/2016

Tattoo is a permanent mark on skin and was first introduced when God placed a ĎMark of Cainí on man. (Gen 4:15)The purpose was as a warning of danger not to kill Cain in a similar manner that a Blue Ringed Octopus displays his colour to predators.The outer mark revealed the inside of Cain harbouring a murdering spirit that was transferable and revealed as being magnified in his heir Lamech who boasted of being a multiple murderer. (Gen 4:24)

Sinful Nature is part of all men and women that reflects the original sin ĎCurse of Adamí which needs to be removed. (Gen 3:17-19)This Nature is usually hidden and each person can be ignorant of the presence through lack of knowledge. (Hos 4:6)The devil made me do it excuse is truth; and we do have the power to overcome evil with good.People were given the Ten Commandments to know right from wrong that reinforced the knowledge of good and evil that they inherited.

Blood Lust is seen throughout history in many infamous rulers who did not follow Godís rule. (Ex 20:13)Hell is the home of their souls and they now have eternal torment the fruit of their sowing. The carrot on a stick approach to mankind is God revealing that He is a good God and can be approached in righteousness.Sin is death and separates man from God, so the eternal plan was to reveal sin by Holy Spirit conviction and faith in Jesus being the way to remove sin. (Rom 10:17)

Living by faith is how believers overcome the world. (Rev 3:19-22)Satan and his Demons actively pursue mankind who become vulnerable to flea like demon infestation when they have unforgiven sin and this is the reason Apostle Paul reminds believers to be quick to repent if they sin.Living in sin is dangerous because at some point God hands us over to our sinful nature and return becomes more difficult through clouded minds. (Rom 1:28)

Witchcraft is actively trying to manipulate people for Satan and can come in many forms. (Acts 13:8)The best form of deliverance is the personal prayer of repentance which is Godís desire for us. (2Pt 3:9)Obeying the commands of Jesus is proof in a self-test that we are in Him and that we do not lie to ourselves.The promises of God strengthen us and fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ is the act of reminding each other that promises are for us.


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