HAUNTING 7 by Pastor Paul Locke 9/09/2016

Tribalism is the curse of being sent into different territories with demons and confused tongues. (Gen 11:7-8)  Australian Aborigines have hundreds of tribes laid out on an Australian map and have adopted names and speak different languages among themselves.  This behaviour is like Groundhog Day, a repeat of the past when God showed that when they were one, then they could do anything, providing they did not forget there is a God in Heaven who loves them. (Gen 11:6)

Africa has a similar problem that fails to acknowledge God as provider of good things and a spirit of poverty has come on their efforts. (Mal 3:9)  Sin and afflictions were always named as spirits by Jesus in the healing process.  Malachi speaks of righteousness being the key to blessing along with tithes and offerings. (Mal 3:16)  South Sudan a Christian nation is blessed, but cancels the blessing when tribes war against each other; so repent and forgive one another.

Satan comes to rob, kill, and destroy and blinds the people from seeing the potential to prosper. (Jhn 10:10)  South Sudan is a test case where communities in God can form co-operatives to plant and harvest crops. (Jer 29:11)  Australia became prosperous through co-operatives and we can send someone to teach the people how to do it.  Satan steals when he buys up shares in companies.  Government owned banks should operate and profits applied to national infrastructure.

Binding and Loosing is the power given to believers over demonic spirits and when spoken heaven responds. (Mtt 18:18)  Ministering Angels are sent from heaven to perform the work at our command because that is their role on earth. (Heb 1:14)  Believers have no excuse in allowing bad things to happen for all authority in heaven and on earth have been given to us as Ambassadors for Christ in execution of the Great Commission.

Reliance on the Word of God and leading by the Holy Spirit is how we see what others cannot see in the spirit realm. (Eph 1:18&1Cor 12:10)  What we fail to see will be revealed when we go to be with God. (1Cor 13:12)  I will now finish this series and know that there is much for God to teach you in the subject of Spirits and I leave it to you to search the Scriptures and find the pearls of wisdom that God has in store for you in our Lord Jesus Christ.


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