HIDE AND SEEK   by Pastor Paul Locke

Hiding from view in warfare prevents detection and this is the reason they use camouflage.  They use colour blind people to interpret coloured aerial photographs who can see camouflaged objects in the landscape.  If you have tried some puzzles such as “Where’s Wally” you might note that in the beginning it was very difficult to spot him in the crowd, but after a while you trained your eye to see him.  In the same way God hides from us.  For it is written, “If you seek me with all your heart you will find me” that suggests a need to look diligently for God.

Only this week has Oral Roberts been talking about hearing the voice of God.  This rekindled the memory of my quest to commune with God in the way Oral described in one of his earlier books.  The result of my search was that I now hear God’s voice every day.  Sometimes it is audible externally or an internal heart felt voice.  If I do not hear God’s voice at a time when I expect to hear Him then I start to check myself out as to why.  God does not neglect the personal relationship but we do when we allow the cares of the world to enter.  The first thing I do is pray more and read my Bible.

I needed final words of encouragement for those reading these tutorial pages and I asked the Lord for something appropriate.  The first thing to remember is that we need to promote the real relationship with Jesus that we can have through the Holy Spirit.  Jesus the lover of our soul delights in playing hide and seek with us that can be seen between the lines of the Bible book Song of Songs.  Chapter three says, “I looked for Him and could not find Him.  I will get up now and go about the city through its streets and squares.  I will search for the one my heart loves.  So I looked for Him and could not find Him.  The Watchmen found me as they made their rounds of the city.  “Have you seen the one my heart loves”?  Scarcely had I passed them when I found the one my heart loves…”

This scenario describes Divine Appointments for those who meet us in the streets where we are Watchmen.  We have continual confirmation out of the mouths of these seekers who tell us they knew it was their time.  Our work in the streets is consistent and regular that makes it easy for God to arrange our meetings.  It is not necessary for God to translate people to us as He did frequently in the past to keep appointments.  We not only harvest but sow the seeds of the Gospel that has brought a harvest of Baptised in the Holy Spirit Christians for the Kingdom of God.  We appoint them as ministers of the Holy Spirit and sow them as seed back into the harvest and know that this work of God is going on all around the world through this.

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