HOLLYWOOD CENSORING by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 26/09/2017

Deluge of Dirt is coming out of Hollywood polluting television screens around the world and God holds the actors responsible.  They rely on continued income through residuals that will cease now because of re-introduction of severe censorship laws.  As a former Policeman I have arrested people for using indecent language less vile that is commonly used by actors on television.  Actors Equity has neglected the rights of actors of being able to say no to producers who source filth.

Unpatriotic Behaviour is promoting filthy language and acts of sex into our homes.  Chairman Mao of China said, ‘If you want to conquer a nation then introduce the language of the gutter into their homes.’  I ask ‘What is Hollywood trying to do?’  Actors repent now before it is too late, because the privilege of self-scrutiny is over and now you must be brought to heel for your abuse.  Some of your work will be rated as pornographic and not allowed to be shown.

West Coast USA ought to be ashamed of continued anti-presidential rhetoric and accept the umpire’s decision.  Unity is what makes a nation great so pull together with the rest of your country.  Most people believe that God is speaking to America through hurricanes, fires, and flooding, so no mention is made of war or earthquakes.  Remember when we come away from the blessing; then Satan is given a free hand to create havoc.  Repent for something may be coming to you.

Australia is about to be cleansed of enemies in politics just like God has done in USA.  There is an early election about to happen through dual citizenship and a new party of Christian patriots will emerge from the fear of incumbents being unseated in necessary bi-elections.  God is in control and the bases that are loaded with Illuminati will be ended and a fresh lot of honest , clear thinking patriots who love God and Australia will begin ruling.

Spiritual Revival is upon us and we are to praise the Lord for this.  Hollywood is just a suburb our focus should be on the Lord.  Prayer Intercessors were surveyed and say overwhelmingly that God is speaking through the storms and that Jesus is coming soon.  They are saying, ‘Lord wake up your church.’  Our multi-denominational teams of Born Again Christians travel the world at God’s bidding to impart the Holy Spirit.  USA needs the Holy Spirit.


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