INSPIRATION2 by Pastor Paul Locke for 19/11/2015 and YouTube

Invention comes through knowledge and wisdom that are gifts of God. (1Cor 12:8)  Great Britain became great through the Industrial Revolution when invention was the root source of industry.  Overlooking inspiration of God in their rise to power is folly and is the reason for this great fall from power.  Christian Mission Society was active during this time and slowed the downfall because the Light of the World was being taken to the heathens. (Jhn 12:46) 

Anglican Church Topoz was diminished because of failure to be in step with God who was moving in a special way.  The Revival movements had a fresh focus on the Holy Spirit and believer’s authority in working miracles today. (Acts 5:12)   Today the Anglican Church still resist the move of God that was prophesied by many called of God.  Blasphemy to ancient Jews was misquoting the Scriptures and they killed people for this. (Jhn 19:7)

Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin, and only ignorant people or Satanists would do this. Those who know God are inspired by the Holy Spirit in an audible voice or in dreams and visions.  God pouring out his Holy Spirit on all people in the last days is insurance from blaspheming the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:17)  Wake up! You sleepy Christians, and know the commands of Jesus that access to heaven is by being miraculously Born Again. (Jhn 3:3-5)

High Places are places where people worship other Gods and curse our communities. (2Kngs 18:4 & 12)  We are Servants of God and obey His commands to pull down the high places.  When our team went to Israel we travelled for two weeks in a Taxi Bus and anointed such places to make them Holy unto the Lord which amounts to pulling down and burning such places.   Jews now are entering into the blessing of inspiration revealing the Messiah as Jesus Christ. (Jhn 14:20)

Gross Evil coming on earth must be overcome by Born Again Christians who have been given the Authority by Jesus. (Mtt 28:18-19)  Jesus has already done the work and surrendered the authority to us, so those waiting for Jesus to act are ignorant and He will not do any more here.  “They overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” (Rev 12:11)  You must speak out in authority over evil.


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