KINGS OF ISRAEL by Pastor Paul Locke for 7/12/2016

High Places are recorded as places of worship of foreign gods and a source of curses on the kings of Israel. (1Kngs 18:22) The Law of Moses was given to them as a system of devotion to the God of Abraham and little attention was given to their enemy the Devil who seemed to have the upper hand of deception. (1Sam 19:9) Prophets of God were the source of knowledge in spiritual warfare but the people were ill equipped to overcome the devil at this time.

New Covenant is the method given by God to overcome their weakness to fight the enemy and win. (Acts 1:8) Through the shed blood of Jesus believers have the victory over Satan who has only deception left to defeat us. (Rom 3:25) Jews today who live under the Law of Moses are no different today as they were in the days of the Kings of Israel for they are weak and possessed of devils just like King Saul. Their Messiah has come and is Jesus Christ the suffering servant.

Two Types of people live in this world those for Jesus and those against Jesus. (Lk 11:23) When people deny that Jesus is the Christ who has come in the flesh it is proof that the spirit they have is of the antichrist. (1Jhn 4:2) Muslims who deny that Jesus is the Christ and call him only a Prophet condemn themselves through their mouths. Salvation into eternal life only comes through Jesus whose blood was shed for the forgiveness of sin.

Smart Phones are distractions to pedestrians who seem oblivious to those around them even to the extent of walking into danger. (Jhn 10:10) At one time my evangelism attempts were so successful that when one person said no to me then I would immediately pray to overcome the blockage. Now it seems that nearly everyone is distracted by these phones and they say no. Go to Parramatta Mall early Friday nights to receive the Holy Spirit. (Lk 8:15)

Very Last Days or hours may be upon us and every last one of us urgently needs to repent to prevent being left behind. (1Thes 4:17) Without baptism of the Holy Spirit, then Jesus may say to us, I do not know you. It is time that you did something about the urgency relayed by Jesus when he said, I TELL YOU THE TRUTH unless a man is Born Again he cannot see or enter the Kingdom of God. (Jhn 3:3-5)


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