JERUSALEM by Pastor Paul Locke for 5/08/2016

Peace of Jerusalem is the subject of all Christian prayer and seems to be illusive in these times.  All seek the answers to the problem of peace that seems to rest in the control of the Temple Mount.  Muslims outside of Israel crave to worship in the Mosque known as the Dome of the Rock in which the Altar Stone that Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac is at the centre of the building.  Jews want to rebuild the Temple that was demolished by the Romans.

One God of Abraham who created all things is the object of worship by Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  God never changes for He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  God desires that we all come to repentance that is turning away from their own ways to God’s way.  The question is “Who is right?”  Each faith claims to have insight to truth, when really it is God’s job to reveal the truth so that all can come to Him in Spirit and Truth.

Anti-Christ is the one who will make possible the re-building of the Jewish Temple in which he commands worship of his image.  This person is the enemy of Islam, Judaism and Christianity so the question is what can we do about it before he goes about exterminating us his enemy?  All friction in the Middle East is caused by his master Satan and his hordes.  Fear God and resist the devil and he will flee is the advice given to Christians by Jesus.

The Grand Mosque in Istanbul was formerly a Christian church and Moslems just removed the crosses and replaced them with crescent moons.  In the same way Jews may make the Dome of the Rock the new Temple by removing the crescent moons.  In the same way that a place for Gentiles was made in the Jewish Temple provision for Muslims and Christians should be allowed to worship there on a shared roster.  Then see what God will do for them.

New Jerusalem will come down from heaven, so we should not attempt to alienate those who worship God in the way our parents have passed on to us.  Love of God is foremost in the commands of God and then to love our neighbours.  I know that it is written, “Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord.”  The day that this happens is a result of a sovereign move of God on this earth.


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