KNIGHTHOOD by Pastor Paul Locke for 29/01/2015

Illuminati surfaced as a group of bankers handling finances of the European Royal families, and based in Germany.The Bavarian government investigated them and declared them to be seditious and made illegal.Adam Weishaupt trained as a Jesuit and also trained in Freemasonry that had been established in England in 1717.He rose to be the leader of Freemasonry and with help of Von Knigge they created secret levels above the 30th degree to become the hiding place for the Illuminati.

Protocols of Sion were plans of world conquest boastfully written in the Priory of Sion outside Lyon in France the headquarters of the Illuminati.Falsely these writings were attributed to Jews who suffered at the hands of Russians who killed 45,000 when the papers were published.Knights Templar & Malta are the militant arms of Illuminati who murdered about 56 million people in the Inquisition and Crusades.

Prince Philip was and may still be the head of the Club of Rome the controllers of the Illuminati and New World Order.Knighthoods generally are honours conferred among Freemasons.Freemasons and Jesuits are the same with the same masters who are antichrists.Recruiting and training for Illuminati roles is through Rhodes Scholarships.Currently in Australia we have Rhodes educated Abbot, Turnbull, Shorten, and many others lined up in the wings.

Reichstag Fire blamed on Communists allowed Hitler to become a dictator through the Enabling Act that overrode the German Constitution.Fear of terrorism has allowed some draconian laws to be passed in Australia that could be used in a plan to usher in a similar era of Nazi rule.Scheming politicians have think tanks that do not make mistakes, so look out for the Hegelian sucker punch; the plan of Abbot being replaced by Turnbull a republican advocate.

Bible prophecy is that the Antichrist will rise to power over the One World Government of a ten European nation confederation of which three will be cut off.Greece, Spain, and Portugal seem to fit the prophecy with anti-austerity leanings and I pray that they nationalise their banks which caused their problems in the first place.They should trade and be allied with Israel, Australia, Africa and the Orient.God will help when the nation prays in Jesusí name.

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