KNOWING by Pastor Paul Locke for 31/07/2015

Lack of knowledge is the cause of death of God’s people. (Hos 4:6)  Soldiers on patrol have a person out in front and this position is called ‘Point’; the most dangerous position.  Smart soldiers know this and never volunteer for point position.  Had Uriah known King David’s plan to kill him, then he may have escaped destruction. (2Sam 11:15)  In the same way people go to hell because God said about His Commands, “Do this and live.”

Know that you know is reference to Spiritual Knowledge. (1Cor 12:8)  The Devil our accuser is God’s tool to make us focus on our salvation through relationship with Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.  It is because we know the Gospel and receive it by faith that we can deflect the fiery darts of the Devil.  Spiritual warfare is a normal part of the Christian life and knowing the Word of God is readiness that comes from the Gospel of peace. (Eph 6:15)

Loss of salvation cannot happen if you are Born Again for you have anchored your soul by oath with God. (Heb 6:17)  Giving up the gift of salvation is a deliberate act of unbelief of those who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and fall further and further into sin through neglect. (Rom 1:21)   Being Born Again is a miracle from on high and can only happen if we repent first and ask to receive.  God makes a Divine Appointment for you to receive the Holy Spirit.

Forgiveness is a condition of righteousness that allows us to approach God.  It is important to know there is conflicting interpretation of Scripture on forgiveness whereas some say believers are re-crucifying Christ if we sin again and then repent.  The truth is that Jesus finished the work for the forgiveness of all sin for all men, for all time. (Heb 10:12)  Jesus confirmed to the Disciples that the forgiveness applies as ‘seventy times seven’ a limitless amount of times of forgiveness. (Mtt 18:22)

Grace is a condition for believers in Lord Jesus Christ and this condition is like a bubble of protection.  This condition comes not by works but by faith so milk drinking weak in the faith are able to grow in the knowledge of righteousness. (Heb 5:13)  Supernatural growth comes through Spiritual re-birth of being born again.  This re-birth is a required act for believers to go to the next level of faith and rest in the knowledge of entry into Heaven. (Jhn 3:3-5)


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