KNOWLEDGE by Pastor Paul Locke for 30/08/2017

Knowledge for it is written “My people perish through the lack of knowledge.” (Hos 4:6)  We are to raise our children in the knowledge of God for them to prosper.  Nations measure prosperity by the lowest standard of education their children achieve.  Imbalance of opportunities occurs when a nation is ruled by despots who dole out to their favourites unfairly.   Both male and female should share equally according to Godly principles. (Rom 2:11)

Australia like U.S.A. is a land of the free where women are treated as equals of men and given the same opportunities.  These nations prosper (Deut 30:16) as a result and every effort is made to have a level playing field; that is, fairness in all things.  Sometimes physical differences may open or close opportunities of suitability for employment.  Women excel in areas in teaching women’s ways to girls but men excel in discipline of boys. (Deut 4:9)

Raising boys who treat mothers as inferior creates an ungodly culture that flows into all aspects of their lives.  Unless they bless their mothers who are blessed in childbirth; (1Tm 2:15) then sin crouches at the door.  Is there any wonder why so many Islamic boys become radical? (2Tm 3:7)  Islamic women are the authors of their own plight because they allow themselves to be dominated by men, so why not throw away head covering of the Burka or Hijab.

Outback Australia educates children to a national standard through ‘School of the Air’ by professional government employed teachers.  Go and Google ‘Katherine School of the’ to learn about this facility available worldwide on YouTube.  Africa needs to utilize this facility especially in South Sudan that lack schools.  Australia is the ‘Great South Land of the Holy Spirit’ that allows religious tolerance which promotes God’s free will. (Rom 12:16)

Fear God is not being afraid but harkening to his sayings for obedience is better than sacrifice. (1Sam 15:22)  Knowing God only comes by His Holy Spirit who has the role of teacher of all things (Jhn 14:26) so to become a Christian we must first have this revelation of who Jesus is.  Muslims do not know the truth about Jesus but the Holy Spirit is ready and willing to show them the truth, because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.


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