LIVE PRAYER by Pastor Paul Locke for 8/09/2017

Answered Prayer is confirmation that God is listening to you.  What comes from our mouths is proof of personal relationship with Jesus.  When I hear or read thoughts of a person I immediately know whether they are born again or not. (1Cor 12:10)  My job is to bring about change by revealing how to overcome lack of power by truly being born again enabling one to see and enter the Kingdom of God. (Jhn 3:3-5)   

Past examples reveal the power of prayer supernaturally working to change circumstances in the lives of born again believers. (Acts 12:8-11)  This power is the main target of Satan who works to deceive those who are in the symbiotic prayer group who can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens them.  Loss of power occurs when an individual departs to go on their own path and this is why we see spiritual attacks succeeding in their lives. (Acts 12:23)

Focus in prayer is really where the power resides just like aiming a gun and is more effective than a rocket launcher against the enemy of souls. (Mtt 18:19)  Turbo charging your prayers is what helps the Church overcome the devil so every born again Christian in the world should join on the internet the ‘International Christian Prayer Group.’  Start praying according to the leading of the Holy Spirit and see what God will do. (Mk 11:24)

Deceived Christians are those who keep hearing from Satan’s helpers that belief in Jesus is all.  Jesus made issue of being Born Again as being able to see and enter the Kingdom of God and the Bible clearly teaches an act is required. (Acts 8:18)  Powerlessness in the Christian world is because Satan has entered into leadership and deceives believers into no action and do not ask our Heavenly Father for the Holy Spirit. (Luke 11:13)

African prayer should focus on refugees fleeing violence who attempt to go to Europe and for God to introduce a strategy of blessing. (Lk 12:12)  Europe should immediately sow a gift of finance for United African leadership to create a ‘Delta Force’ to directly remove Oppressor Groups throughout Africa and return refugees back to home.  United Nations peace keepers and dictators should be made to leave Africa immediately because they create unrest wherever they are. (Lk 12:2)


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