MANKIND BLESSED by Pastor Paul Locke for 16/07/2015

Fall of Man is a blessing in disguise because left alone we would be perfect and vulnerable to sin through pride. (Isa 14:14)Redemption is possible for fallen man through repentance and faith in Godís plan.Jesus Christ came in the flesh to be the sacrificial Lamb of God to take way the sins of the world. This plan was hatched before the foundation of the world and the fall of man opens the door to pre-Adamic humanoids. Godís Spirit can now be given to them by faith in Jesus. (Jhn 3:1-16)

Abraham the father of faith received the promise of God to bless all nations. (Gen 22:18) Spiritual blindness of Israel has opened the way for this blessing for all. We must choose to be blessed and not cursed for when we repent, God is faithful to deliver us from all unrighteousness. (1Jhn 1:9)Repentance is turning away from our ways to Godís ways a condition that allows us to approach God, for sin separates us from God.

Grace is undeserved blessing that comes through faith in the Blood of Jesus Christ. Grace is the covering that believers receive for protection until a time of redemption. (Eph 1:7 & 14)The problem with this condition is that it is a time of learning and though protected are vulnerable to listening to the devil because the way to lose salvation is through unbelief.The faith that saves you is the target of the devil so the works of being Born Again empowers us to prevent loss of faith. (Jhn 3:3-5)

Sons of Anak were giant humanoids, Goliath and his brothers, (Num 13:33) so are there any in this world today? Take for instance the pre-Adamic Abominable Snowmen, Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie and Aborigine; now ask yourself the question ďare they Nephilim?Ē ††After the flood they disembarked from the Ark as animals and began to multiply. (Gen 6:4)The flood came because they mated with mankind, and after the Ark have prospered to now have understanding.


Blessing of Godís love is for the world and there are rules on how to receive. (Mk 16:15-16) Children under twelve years old, the age of understanding, are exempt, just like animals. Salvation is by asking God; a wilful act for those with understanding because God would have it that none perish but all come into repentance. (2Pet 3:9)Heaven is real and we can enter by asking in faith for the gift of eternal life that comes through the Blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin.



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