MANLY FERRY by Pastor Paul Locke for 26/07/2017

Missed Boat is the feeling of loss after running to board the ferry and the gang plank is withdrawn.  Instead of being seven miles from Sydney and a thousand miles from care one is left at the dock.  Imagine the feeling of being left behind and not ready and waiting for Jesus to lift them up to be with him in the air. (1Thes 4:16-18)  Overcome deception of the devil who keeps you from the blessing.  Choose to read the Word of God for impartation of faith. (Rom 10:17)

Time Unknown for the rapture is different from public transport that supplies a timetable. (Mtt 24:42)  Being late for work may result in your pay being docked but being late for the Rapture the lifting up to Jesus in the air can bring catastrophic results.  The signing of the seven year peace treaty between Israel and the Arab world is the sign identifying the coming Antichrist and tribulation, for it is written, “If the time is not cut short, then no one will survive it.” (Mtt 24:22) 

Spiritual eyes are seeing the Glory of the coming of the Lord before the event and the Saints; those Born Again believers keep marching on in anticipation. (1Thes 5:22-26)  People receive according to the level of their faith, so dismissing the imminent return of Jesus is the result of not applying your faith.  Responsibility for the welfare of children places the burdens on parents to raise their children in the knowledge of God; (Ps 78:1-7) so speak up to ensure Scripture classes remain in schools.

Apostasy or falling away in the faith is prophesied in the Word in these last days and minutes. (2Tm 3:5)  Anything that causes people to sin carries a severe penalty and Television promoting ungodliness is clearly in the crosshairs of God.  I ask teachers of the Word if they are teaching about God’s healing, deliverance, gifts and actions that bring Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  If not then look out for we tell a tree by the fruit. (Gal 5:22-26)

Plead Blood of Jesus as asserting your Spiritual Authority over the devil and he must obey. (Rev 1:5-7)  Born Again believers have the Holy Spirit to teach them all things and this knowledge prevents people from perishing. (Jhn 14:26)  The Grace of God is extended as cover of protection from the devil and comes through faith in the death, resurrection, and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Head of the Church, Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Almighty God.


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