MERCY SEAT by Pastor Paul Locke 15/07/2016

Ark of the Covenant is an instrument of God for Israel to focus their faith and central to their worship system. (Ex 25:22)  Part of that system was the sprinkle of blood from a sacrificed animal onto the Altar for the forgiveness of sin.  Prime Minister Netanyahu is well aware that the Ark was found about 1982 and remains located under Golgotha in a cave under the crucifixion site of Jesus.  The blood of Jesus (1Pt 1:2) ran down a crack onto the Mercy Seat of the Ark.

Vision of an Ark given to me is ground zero in New York where two gigantic Cherubim each standing in the north and south pools and extending upwards to the height of the former buildings having their wings spread. (Ex 25:20)  The area between the two pools represents the Mercy Seat and the tears of mourners represent sacrificial blood of forgiveness for America.  Judgment comes from pride and forgiveness comes from repentance, so America must repent. (Isa 9:10-11)

Black Americans are the sweetest spirited people I have yet met and are the reason America is given time to repent. (Lev 33:19)  They are open to receive the blessing of God and will be used in this outpouring of the Holy Spirit over America.  The Bible tells of a late harvest (Amos 9:13) and is more powerful than the early harvest, so the miracle outworking of Azusa Street in U.S.A. will be dwarfed.  Repent America and see what God will do.

Divine Appointments were made for us in New York streets and one hundred and eighty prayed with us for empowerment. (Acts 8:18)  These ordinary people have now become mighty warriors for God and take what they have been given to impart the same to anyone willing to repent and ask God. (Acts 8:19-21)  When these faithful people run with the ministry I calculate that all America can be saved within a week.  Go for it America and repent.

Donald Trump can be the best President of the U.S.A. in history when he becomes Born Again. (Jhn 3:3-5)  The first sign will be that the racist image will be removed when he repents and makes an apology to the nation for past remarks.  There are a number of people whom I believe can pray with him to accomplish the Spiritual change and I can tell him who they are.  Donald will then address the nation saying, it is written, “Arise shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” (Isa 60:1)


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