NAIDOC WEEK by Pastor Paul Locke for 8/07/2014

Australian Indigenous people celebrate their heritage and goodwill from their fellow Australians.  They have great hopes for the future and I write in an effort for them to look at themselves through the eyes of those who love them so as to avoid the trap that is being set for them by evil people.  I quote from the book “The Great Hope” written by E.G.White, chapter ten that describes the great rescue where it says, “When the protection of human laws is withdrawn from those who honour the law of God, in different lands there will be a simultaneous movement to destroy them.”  Enemies of the indigenous people abound in Australia and the worst are imbedded into their own communities.  Their ideas promote culture and separation as opposed to the will of God for us to be one people in this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

Rainbow is not a Serpent but a miraculous sign from God that He protects us.  I have heard jokingly said that the world would be a better place if Adam was Aborigine and the snake in the Garden of Eden met his fate on the cooking fire.  Seriously the revelation is that we can choose to follow God or Satan, however God said, “Choose life” by following His way as opposed to eternal death with the devil.  Power to defeat the devil comes through the blood of Jesus Christ who died for us as a substitute taking the blame for our wrongdoing.  This great resurrection power to change the world is dormant in most Christians and needs to be aroused.

Anarchism is rebelling against the God appointed government, for God has set rulers over us and sets times for us to live or die.  The attempt to manipulate our Constitution by the Homosexual Lobby in the Indigenous community could have dire results.  Republicans are Fabianists who work behind the scenes and wait furtively until the time is right to strike suddenly, and then you have lost your freedom along with the rest of Australia.  Ex-Prime Minister Hawke admitted this in 1984 that he and the Fabian Society are working to introduce a Socialist Dictatorship in Australia.  P.S “Do not touch the Constitution” as Indigenous Australians already have equal rights.

Blessings come when you bless others so be advised that separatists like the descendants of Esau live under a curse for cursing the seed of Jacob.  God has revealed who these descendants of Esau are and are named as a confederation of Arabs in Psalm 83.  Their fate according to God is written in Obadiah 1:18 “There will be no survivors from the house of Esau.”  Christians are the seed of Abraham by faith in Jesus Christ, so Indigenous Separatists come under the curse of sharing the fate of the house of Esau.  Brother killing brother is an end time sign of this curse that is evidenced by the turmoil in the Middle East.

Family of God can be entered through hearing the Gospel that has supernatural power to change how we think.  This is the reason the devil tries to stop the Gospel for it is the Gospel of salvation to those who believe.  So far the great power that has been given to Born Again Believers has not been delivered by the Church to our nation.  This is the reason God has raised up mighty men, women, and children to take this power to the people in these very last hours before the return of Jesus Christ in the clouds to lift us up out of harm’s way.

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