NARROW GATE by Pastor Paul Locke for 10/11/2016

Entry to the Kingdom of God is easy when you know the way for all we need to do is seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; then all things will be issued unto you. (Mtt 6:33)  The problem most people have is that they have no idea that we all must go through Jesus, for he is the gate. (Jhn 10:1&9)  Jesus the good shepherd came to give life to the full, while the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  We are all a work of God in progress of being saved.    

Your Enemy defines you because there are two camps; one serving God and the other serving Satan. (Mtt 12:28)  A cloud of Christian witnesses knew the Trump outcome of the American election but 88% of Afro-Americans voters were opposed: why?  Spiritual blindness comes from the deceiver who would have all perish and none come to repentance.  A public re-conciliation is needed by Donald Trump allowing Whitney and Joe to lay hands on him to impart the Holy Spirit. (Acts 8:18)

Border Control was the prime reason to reject the Australian Labour Party and for Brexit.  I perceive the relaxing of this control in America by Clinton was her downfall. (Neha 2:20)  U.N. is the instrument to be used by the Anti-Christ and removed when Jesus returns to rule and reign on earth for a thousand years.  America has chosen God and now is the time to mend and unite all their people. (Jhn 10:16)  Gay Party in Australia demonstrates against Trump, think about it America.

Sowing Seed brings blessings so aid to Africa is ‘Alms to the Poor.’ (Neha 5:2)  Aid takes also the form of weight of might to overcome exploitation that America needs to sow.  Trump needs Putin to stop African arms deals and require U.N. forces to leave Africa.  There is already a coalition of African States Army trying to put out grass fire like rebellions without a loan of drone aircraft to guarantee effectiveness.  Afro-Americans will bless the Lord for this peace. (Ps 72:15)

African visit by our team to minister the Holy Spirit to 750,000 Sudanese refugees in Mitume slums will be a new wave over Africa just like it was when we visited the Congo in 2009.  Each of our team members is saving and praying for finances for the trip. (Mal 3:10)  Our trip to Israel was to anoint all the high places and in New York was to pray with Donald Trump.  We missed him but left Whitney and Joe appointed and anointed to do the job for Jesus who died for our sins. (Rom 10:15)


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