NEW NAZI MOVEMENT by Pastor Paul Locke for 10/12/2013

Elitism an Arian race mindset was foremost in the mind of Hitler a Satanist under the guise of New Age devotee.  Promotion of supporters was the incentive to follow Hitler and the agenda of his time is still being played out as if by numbers.  The wealth of the nations is being transferred to this elite group by pacified people who stand by without even a whimper.  God-fearing people dare not imagine the lengths these new Nazis will go to for success.

Good Cop, bad Cop scenarios are called ‘Hegelian Didactic’ which confuses people into accepting the outcome as if by fair means.  Two sides presented are called ‘Thesis’ and ‘Antithesis’ and both seek a common goal just like Australian politics having Liberal and Labour parties.  The Anarchist agenda is being played out by successive parties who now boast ‘Jesuit’ leaders.  See 

Overarching scheme is to bring in a New World Order led by the Antichrist a demonic being.  The Antichrist along with the False Prophet will be cast into the Lake of Fire by God. (Rev 20:10)  Control of the people of the world is the purpose of the devil who wants all people to worship him.  Mass murder of the people is on the agenda of the Antichrist and those who support his vehicle ‘United Nations’ are ignoring these warnings.

Schemes include unfair trade with other nations and foreign takeovers of Australian assets.  Pauperisation of the people is for control of people which also is to be achieved through food, finance, power, transport, and communications.  You will note that progressively our standard of living is diminishing to a level which each person’s daily pay can buy one day of food. (Rev 6:6)  Worldwide public assets are being privatised and we are now gouged by corporations with exorbitant costs of power, water, and food.

Call to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to beat the Antichrist who has workers everywhere among the people.  It is too late for political solutions and it has only ever been a Spiritual solution that will help you.  Over the years I have personally approached a great number of our politicians in an effort for them to be saved with limited success.  An imminent move of God will sort people into groups of ‘sheep and goats’; the sheep (Jhn 10:14) will be lifted up to Jesus. (1Thes 4:16-18)

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