NEW TEMPLE by Pastor Paul Locke for 27/06/2017

Donald Trump POTUS is well advised to keep his nose and his Son in Law out of building the new Temple in Jerusalem or adding to the negotiations for a peace treaty.  The negotiations are the signs of the coming Antichrist the enemy of mankind.  The Bible says they will say, “Peace, Peace, but there will be no peace.”  Whoever is involved an evil Antichrist spirit will come upon him.  The signing of the Seven Year Peace Treaty will begin the seven year Tribulation.

No Temple will be found in the New Jerusalem; ‘The Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its Temple.’ (Rev 21)  In between time a highway will be built linking Egypt, Israel, and Assyria and an Altar to the Lord built in the heart of Egypt; a monument to the Lord built at the border. (Isa 19:19-25)  The Antichrist will help build a temple in Jerusalem where an image of him will be erected for people to worship him as a god.  Is the new ‘DuoSkin’ the Mark of the Beast? (Rev 13:16-17)

Remnant of Jacob those who remained in Israel after the leaders were taken to Babylon; fled to Egypt, some went to Armenia named Ashkenazi or Scythian Jews and many in Babylon are now in Christian refugee camps in Jordan.  They will return and the destruction of Assyrians decreed by God. (Isa 10:22)  The Spanish inquisition caused Spanish Jews to flee persecution and go to America, then Hitler scattered Jews mainly to Russia.  Now the Remnant are coming home to Israel.

Valley of Dry Bones speaks of such a time as this when Jews will become Messianic Jews who place their faith in Jesus Christ of Nazareth and given as a sign, the promised Holy Spirit.  (Ezek 37:14)  Christians worldwide look for signs and I envisage 144,000 Jewish children coming together in a giant rally; singing praises the Lord causing the anointing to fall on Israel who will embrace Christianity as part of their ancient faith in God.

New Life for Israel begins at this time and God will raise them up to be a nation of Priests to the World with Jerusalem the centre of government during the following thousand year reign of Christ; and then a new heaven and a new earth.  Those who are uplifted to be with Jesus in the air and part of the first resurrection return with Him to rule and reign on earth for a thousand years.  Jews! Do not be left to flee to Edom when the Russians come, so choose Jesus.


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