NEW YEAR by Pastor Paul Locke for 1/01/2016 and YouTube

Resolutions on New Year Day are an act of self-righteousness by the world making promises to self-improve.   Commendable, however, these resolutions usually fail when efforts are in the flesh.  Because man has a sinful nature we need God to help us keep our promises to be better. (Jhn 16:8)  It is better to repent, that means turning away from our ways to God’s way of removing our sin (1Jhn 1:9) made righteous by faith in Jesus Christ.

Lord’s Prayer is a daily reliance on God to help live a better life. (Lk 11:2)  Each day we pray this prayer of repentance we are renewed in righteousness in the sight of God.  Christianity is a religion of faith in the promises of God and daily re-enforcement is in prayer of repentance.  Many ignorant nominal Christians I meet in the street avoid us by saying “I prayed that prayer many years ago and do not need to do it again.” (Lk 17:1)

Holy Communion is a periodic repentance that Christians celebrate as often as they come together. (1Cor 11:26)  Celebrating Holy Communion in an unworthy manner really is failing to deal with sin beforehand by repentance.  Pharisaic teaching about Holy Communion takes away the focus of remembering Jesus instead promotes an importance of Priesthood.  Remembering the Body and Blood of Jesus is exclusive to this celebration. (1Cor 11:29)

Degeneration is heathen negative thinking about aging wrinkles, aching muscles, stiff joints, dim eyes and shaking hands.  Christians are to think positively about the benefits of aging and health and live out our allotted time of 120 years. (Gen 9:3)  People who go into Aged Nursing Homes usually die very soon afterwards because they give up to the worldview of “Three score years and ten” as normal lifespan. (Jhn 10:10a) 

New Day is the moment we open our eyes each morning that should begin with a prayer of repentance.  We are then ready to put our requests to God who now allows us to approach Him. (Jas 5:16)  In prayer in my mind’s eyes I see the whole sky filled with Angels as I walk the stairway to heaven to approach Jesus who is seated on a throne.  I go forward and rest my head on His lap to enjoy the comfort of His presence. (Rev 7:9)  Resolve to do this too.


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