OIL LEAKS by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 17/03/2016 and YouTube

Virgins in the Parable who were to attend the wedding signify they were righteous. (Mtt 25:1)  The waiting time signifies faith and those with oil were prepared and found waiting; while those without oil were absent out buying oil.  Oil in Scripture signifies the presence of the Holy Spirit of God who makes things most holy.  Loss of oil by a righteous person signifies a falling away, a lack of faith, a lapse into sin.  King David prayed, “Take not your Holy Spirit from me.” (Ps 51:11)

Good is represented as oil anointing; the baptism of the Holy Spirit. (Jhn 3:3-5)  Oil leaking is a process of loss of power, not the loss of the gift, but the loss of ability to communicate with God to effect change.  Sin separates us from God for He pushes us away and will not react to our prayers.  Everyone has inherited a sinful nature from Adam and that status is changed through repentance. (1Jhn 1:9)  This is why Apostle Paul taught “If you do sin be quick to repent.”

Sucking your oil is a phrase that refers to taking effects of your anointing by unrighteous persons and applying it to themselves. (1Sam 16:14-16)  The righteous Virgins respond by saying to the unrighteous “Buy your own oil.” (Mtt 25:9) Have you ever noticed when some people speak or sing a mighty anointing of God accompanies it?   Many church leaders lack the anointed presence of God and beat up the anointing by prolonged worship sessions; then apply it to themselves.

Dead churches are those lacking the anointing and referred to in the Bible as a “Synagogue of Satan” or “lukewarm”. (Rev 2:5, 2:9, 3:16)  Maybe years ago they had a visitation by God who ceased contending with them who have given up the faith to leak oil and follow Freemasonry.  Because God is Love there will be a massive outpouring of His presence before the rapture of the Church. (1Thes 4:16-18)  Do not be left behind by rejecting the urging of the Holy Spirit to change.

Oil level check is a routine to safeguard your motor car engine and taught to learner drivers.  Our teachers quote the Bible saying “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” (Php 2:12)  If you have an oil leak, then stop it.  Apostle Paul advises, “Be filled with the Holy Spirit” and like learner drivers some do not know how to add more oil.  The Lord’s Prayer (Mtt 6:9-13) is a prayer of repentance and reverence to God, so for more oil pray the prayer each day when waking.


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