OLD MANNA by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 10/01/2017

Food Storage is a way of nature to provide nuts for the winter for squirrels.  Keeping food fresh these times we use the refrigerator or observe use by dates printed on the packaging.  During the exodus by the Israelites, God provided food for them in the form of manna and gave rules that they should follow. (Ex 16:4-5)  On the sixth day they were to collect a double amount for the Sabbath Day and some tried this at other times only to find the manna had become rotten. (Ex 16:20)

Revelation is like manna it needs to be fresh, for your Word from the Lord is personal direction around the perils in life. (Ps 56:12-13)  Guidance for your footsteps onto straight paths needs light to show the way for “Your Word is a lamp to my feet” and the leading avoids stumbling blocks. (Ps 119:105)  A prayer can and will release Angels to lift you up lest you strike your foot against a stone.  These Angels are a protective hedge for you the heir of salvation.

Giving thanks to God for his provision unleashes the cleansing effect of what we eat and drink. (1Tm 4:4)  Thanksgiving is an act of worship acknowledging our need for sustenance by God with the Word for it is the Bread of Life. (Jhn 6:35)  In nature even the birds sing with joy and the trees in the field clap their hands in honour of our Lord.  When sin in the world abounds, then Grace abounds even more for those who love the Lord.  Love the Lord your God.

Tomorrow is your future, so be sure to start the day well in prayer to guide you in the direction your life will take. (Mtt 6:13)  The people you meet and the purpose for it is divine so treat each occasion as a divine appointment.  We are cautioned that those whom we meet could be Angels with some form of warning or blessing message from God. (Heb 13:2)  This awareness of God being close to us comes when we are Born Again by the Spirit of God.  

Lack in your life? Then it is time you checked your salvation in fear and trembling.  Have you asked Jesus to baptise you with his Holy Spirit, (Lk 11:13) or did you repent immediately before someone laid hands on you for impartation? (Mtt 12:43-45)  Are you sick?  Offer yourself for service to the Lord and He will equip you with His Holy Spirit for your time is an offering and seed; it will grow according to “Whatsoever you sow, so shall you reap.”  Name your seed!


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