PARADISE LOST by Pastor Paul Locke for 20/05/2016 and YouTube

Garden of Eden was the order of God for this world and instructions were given to Adam on how to keep things in order. (Gen 2:19 & Rom 5:14b)  Pre-Adamic times were chaotic with demons running amok until the creation of man to rule with God’s power.  Paradise was lost through sin and reverted back to chaos with demons in control.  Adam became a slave to Satan because he followed Satan. (2Pet 2:19)  Man was then exiled and taught to seek God with all his heart.

Knowledge of Sin a generation curse was now a tool for man to know ‘good and evil’ that gave him the choice to follow God’s way. (Gen 2:7)  Being good was accounted as righteous that placed man in a position of favour of God through faith. (Gen 6:8)  Knowledge of creation was carried forward by word of mouth as a blessing that to this day is refuted by Satan to keep the world in his power so people die through lack of the knowledge of God.

Mother Nature is a term used by Satan to engender a soft feeling towards created things.  God uses the term ‘sinful nature’ that applies to disobedience of spiritual laws proclaimed by God. (2Pet 2:10)  Man first; then comes care of animals and the environment; so placing man below these things is sinning against God our Father Nature. (2Pet 1:4)  When God speaks it becomes law so man has the responsibility to know what God says.

Gods Speech is communicating with us directly, or through another way, for example ‘a donkey’. (Num 22:28)  God is good all the time and shows his love for us by telling us that we were created to be ‘very good.’ (Gen 1:31)  God sends Angels or Prophets or signs to capture our attention and give him Glory through praise.  When we are baptised in the Holy Spirit, then God uses us for ‘God Speech’ to help people back on the paths of righteousness.

Paradise Regained was always God’s plan for us whom He created in His image. (Gen 1:27)  Mankind was on a learning curve that introduced choices to chase after God or wallow in sin that separates man from God.  Restoration came through Jesus that allowed man to repent, that is, turn to God away from sin.  The Grace of God is undeserved favour that comes by faith in the atoning Blood of Jesus who died for the sins of the world. (Rom 3:24-25)


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