PARTY TIME by Pastor Paul Locke for 10/08/2017

Travel up to be with God in heaven occurs when Jesus comes to lift us up to be with him forever. (1Thess 4:16-18)  Timing from this time is a seven year period called the Tribulation of people on earth.  Meanwhile we who go up are invited to a wedding supper of the Lamb of God and it seems the party may roll on for seven years.  The bride has made herself ready and the Church is called the bride, but also the New Jerusalem is called the Bride. (Rev 21:2)

Activity in heaven is seen by some without imagination as boring, however my imagination runs to hyper activity of enjoyment.  We will all be put to work at least for the first thousand years when we reign with Jesus Christ. (Rev 20:6)  Some people would imagine that my life is humdrum, but the reverse is true.  Organizing my time to allotted tasks allows time for entertainment and enjoyment so will be the same in heaven, definitely not boring. (Rev 19:7)

Wedding of the Lamb is when God lives with man as God and we His people. (Rev 21:3)  We will live in mansions prepared for us by Jesus who has gone ahead of us. (Jhn 14:2)  Being at the wedding is a family affair where we who are the children of Abraham by faith in Jesus Christ are invited.  Seeing a Royal Wedding with all the pomp and pageantry is a very special time for us that will bring a supernatural great joy for all who are there.

Supper is to be a wedding banquet unparalleled in all times and only those invited may attend. (Rev 19:9)  If the tribulation lasts for seven years so may the wedding supper.  The guests at the supper will amount to maybe a billion or so guests; so imagine the noise and chatter.  Once we are in heaven so many things that we do not know will be revealed thus completing our elevation to be true sons of God (Rev 21:7) able to fellowship with Him.

Ticket to attend the wedding ball and banquet is only issued to those who qualify. (Jhn 3:3-5)  God has made it easy for everyone to get a ticket, so just say the word and it will be done.  Repent and ask to be baptised in the Holy Spirit and God will make a divine appointment for you in a moment in time when someone imparts the Holy Spirit by touching you. (Acts 8:18)  Now you are elevated to be a Minister of the Holy Spirit who diligently ministers to others.


Return to News  N.B. Book of Revelation is important teaching that often is misunderstood and my teaching is not taking away from it but helping understanding.