PATRIOT by Pastor Paul Locke for 11/03/2015

Defined is a person who loves and zealously supports his own country and I quote JFK “Think not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”  Australians generally have this ethic except when it comes to Politicians who have a ‘snouts in trough’ attitude.  Unpatriotic party systems focus on self-interest and have the goal of being re-elected with a golden handshake pension at the end.

Serving your country as a politician is a prime responsibility of every one; and when in office faithfully serve your electorate.  This goal can only be achieved as an independent who promises not to stand for a second term and have no affiliations with self-interest groups.  The only quality a candidate requires is honesty because experience is not necessary to perform admirably.  Public Service departments have all the wisdom and knowledge to assist all parliamentarians.

Adversarial style of politics is staged to fool the public and is counterproductive.  The Senate is where business is reviewed and should be hard working watchdogs for the nation.  Total control by parties with a balance of power is not in the true spirit of democracy.  Expectation that the public accept as a mandate party election policies is completely undemocratic and amounts to government by decree. Independent politicians can by orderly voting majority; elect leaders or pass laws.

Manipulation of parliaments by corruption should carry severe penalties to prevent tampering.  There are some cases of money in a brown paper bag but now sophisticated offshore share transfers seem the best method that is very difficult to detect by crime fighters.  Inside information on share transactions, zoning, or favourable leases to benefit those to be corrupted is another onshore method of bribery.

Will of People to restore Australia to greatness is through independent candidates who will oppose corrupt political parties. Common sense tells me that both major parties are the same people who just wear different coloured ties.  Their agenda is not in our best interest and can be controlled through independent candidates.  The party machine is really self-appointed rule and for God to bless our land Australia needs righteous leaders appointed by God.  Pray for Divine help.

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