THANKS PAULINE HANSON by Pastor Paul Locke 19/07/2016

War on Democracy in Australia is right in our faces when our broadcast regulators allow ABC anti-Christian bias to prevail.  Stop it now or we the voters will insist that taxpayer funding is stopped.  The Q&A forum last night was evidence of bias and Pauline stood up for Australian principles very well.  Australia is the ‘Great South Land of the Holy Spirit’ who reveals that Jesus is God, convicts of sin, and teaches us all things.

Ishmael the father of Islam was cursed by God’s Angel who said, “You will name him Ishmael, he will be a wild donkey of a man, his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him.  He will live in hostility towards all his brothers.” (Gen 16:11-12)  This is later re-affirmed when it is written of Ishmael’s sons, “and they lived in hostility towards all their brothers.” (Gen 25:18)   Does Islam pass the border protection test?

World War 2 protection of allied nations against the Axis of Germany, Italy, and Japan was to incarcerate enemies in Detention camps.  Border control is supposed to remove enemies from within, so does Islam consider Christianity an enemy?  Christian Archbishop Wilondja was threatened immediate death if he went into Somalia.  France has declared war on Islam in the wake of the murders in Nice.  Does this suggest detention camps or mass expulsion?

War with Islam in Australia is hidden because many are afraid to speak out.  Our Diggers fought the Germans, and Turks to free the people of the Middle East.  Reverse racism is the platform anarchists are using to pull down Australian values, take for instance Aboriginal culture laws, sharia law, and halal that undermine our values.  Fitting into the Australian way is how to become an Australian and I support Muslim freedom of worship.

Jesus is the way to remove the curse for faith in His blood removes the curse of sin and death.  Attributing evil to God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit is blasphemy, so don’t do it.  The Ten Commandments is how all people ought to live, so the love of God and neighbours fulfils the law.  Freedom in Australia is the perfect launching pad for a new life, so do not blow it away with the old rubbish that caused you to leave your birthplace. 


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