PILGRIM’S PROGRESS by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 4/11/2016

Babies see their Guardian Angels and remember the experiences through into adulthood.  God interacts with every person on earth as part of a grand plan to nurture each one to become an eventual citizen of heaven. (Jer 29:11) God knows us even before we enter into the womb (Jer 1:5) as our existence is as a spiritual being without a flesh body to later exert power on earth in a physical body.  Children under the age of understanding do not have sins counted against them.

Call of God is recorded in the Bible concerning the Patriarchs and usually was transmitted through Angels. (Gen 12:1)  The Holy Spirit is at work tugging at the heartstrings of people even to this day.  Some use avoidance like Jonah to reject responsibility but when used by God can change the hearts of nations like Apostle Paul who had the Damascus Road experience with Jesus. (Acts 9:6)  Outsiders mock knowledge of God in history and run away but can’t hide.

Local Laws are learnt through children’s rote songs to prevent being road kill, and most importantly they learn about God through teaching songs. (Ps 1:2)  Children love to sing, run, dance, and play so all these senses are used by God to reach them.  God uses the Psalms to reach the hearts of men and amounts to preaching to oneself.  Proverbs are used by God to instil knowledge to prevent men from perishing. (Prov 1:7)

God also speaks to us in dreams and visions that call us into ministry or as a warning of danger. (Gen 15:1)  God often uses men instead of angels as harbingers of peril like Paul Revere in America who warned “The Redcoats are coming.”  Rabbi Jonathan Cahn of New York was given a message of U.S.A. facing doom if they did not repent of wickedness. (Isa 9:10)  Those who heed the Word of the Lord are wise and their days on earth will be long.

The Ticking Clock has reached a point in time of the story end when the journey from the Garden to the City is complete. (Rev 21:1-2)  For those who are not yet Born Again believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ you must not ignore the tugging at your heartstrings by the Holy Spirit.  You must ask for the impartation of the Holy Spirit and not rest on self-righteousness the error found in all Churches. (Lk 11:13)  God will sovereignly impart your gift but usually uses someone else as hands and feet of Jesus.


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