PLAN OF GOD by Pastor Paul Locke for 4/09/2015

Everyone has a plan because God is not a respecter of persons and would have it that none perish, but all come to repentance. Jeremiah had revealed to him by God that He had a plan to prosper him and not curse him. (Jer 29:11)  Every plan has conditions for the fulfilment and usually is obedience to God’s call in time and space.  Elijah ran away from where God wanted him to be a blessing for others and later returned to pronounce leaders in Israel. (1Kgs 19:15)

Conditions can be to prophecy God’s message and return home by a specific route. (1Kngs 13:17)  Joseph would not have ended in a well to be later sold into slavery unless God had revealed to him in a vision of sheaves of grain bowing down to him.  The retellings of the vision made the sons of Jacob angry enough and implement the plan of God to rescue them from destruction.  The plan was to make the seed of Abraham as numerous as the stars. (Gen 22:17)

Jesus the ultimate plan of God to prepare people for eternity is used as a template for us to follow.  Jesus told the disciples to do what they saw Him do. His main teaching was about the Kingdom of God and illustrated the knowledge in Parables. (Lk 8:9)  Jesus told us to ask Him for the meaning of a Parable if we do not understand the meaning of it.  Many misinterpret the Parable of the Talents and focus on the Gifts when really it is the ‘doubling’ through investment, the impartation. (Mtt 25:27)

Detail is the way of God who counts the hairs on our head and knows our every thought.  God is represented on earth as his Holy Spirit who enters into the hearts of those who ask in righteousness. (Lk 11:13)  This condition is so close to God that we are comforted, taught, led, empowered, transformed, and made holy by the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit who not only is the Spirit of God but the Ghost of Jesus. (Jhn 14:26)

All Knowing God is the Creator and Judge of the Universe and we as beings created in His image are supposed to be made Holy and Righteous by faith. (Rm 1:1-6)  We are able to tap into the knowledge of God by direct communication with Him through the gifts He has given by the Holy Spirit. (1Cor 12:11)  Others benefit in their faith building by observing us who hunger after God and as Ambassadors of Christ make way for the way of the Lord.


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