PLEBISCITE ON MARIAGE by Pastor Paul Locke for 29/08/2016

Misjudging Australians is the mistake of Satan for everything good is hated by everything evil.  God has ordained that Australia is the “Great South Land of the Holy Spirit” and will defend it with billions of Angels.  Very soon the Church will be taken up to be with Jesus and those left behind can marry who they please because the Church is the restrainer of Satan.  We use words to fight evil and Angels minister to us the heirs of salvation.

Coming out of Wardrobe by deviates is because there is a Lion in the Wardrobe about to devour them.  Running away will not help because Jonah is the example that he could not hide from God, even in the belly of a whale.  If these deviates had a flesh eating parasite eating away at their inside that surely would kill them; then they might appreciate that the demon inside them is just like that and only God can remove it if they repent.

Love is not lust that is promoted as love in the Gay and Lesbian community.  Being born as a gay or lesbian is a lie because God created man in His image and God is not Gay or Lesbian.  The question I ask that community is “Did someone sexually interfere with you?”  “Was it child abuse?”  “Were you drugged and assaulted at a gay venue?”  Remember that Demons enter through penetration of the skin.

God’s Love for the Gay and Lesbians is that He would gather you under his wings like little chicks.  He does not hate you only what you do.  God would have it that none perish and all come to repentance.  Take this adversity as an opportunity to be endorsed supernaturally by God as a reformed sinner.  God writes in Proverbs, “Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear the Lord and shun evil, this will bring health to your body.”

Politicians are warned that causing little ones to sin is worse than those who sin.  It is written “It would be better that they had a millstone tied around their neck and thrown into the sea.”  Giving oxygen to what is described as sin in the Bible is folly for the wages of sin is death.  If there is a next time for elections before the Lord comes, then Australians will remember which Politicians crossed to the wrong side of the road.  Be brave and be a blessing for Australia.


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