P.O.T.U.S. by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 27/08/2016

Nebuchadnezzar was king of the world at the time of Daniel the Prophet.  There were two paths he could follow and chose poorly for he chose to make himself God only to find out that he was not God.  Instead he was made to lose his mind and eat grass like of cow.  God had a plan for him and restored him now as a God fearing monarch who honoured Daniel and his brethren the captured cream of Israel citizens.  Choose wisely Donald Trump.

African Americans are the majority of Christians in U.S.A. and their vote is most important to any candidate for office.  K.K.K. is just another facet of Freemasonry and are very much racist.  P.O.T.U.S. Abraham Lincoln put these people down with the help of God fearing Americans.  Common enemies come from all persuasions; however they make the common mistake to unite those with the right Spirit.

9/11 Hero Joe an Italian American is seen leading African Americans away from danger in the black and white photo of the day in the small published Special Edition 2017 page 16.  Joe and his brothers prayed with us when we came to New York and they are full of the Holy Spirit.  They sell the Photo booklets at the bus stop at the rear of St. Pauls Church.  The prayer you must pray is to repent and ask for the Holy Spirit and they will lay hands on you for impartation.

Righteous quality in a leader brings blessings from God, therefore we in Australia pray for Donald Trump to be wise for God does not want us to suffer His wrath.  Being baptised in the Holy Spirit is essential to all people and the Late Oral Roberts knew the importance of laying hands to impart the Holy Spirit.  He used to sit on a chair and touched people as they walked by and they numbered at least a million.  TV Evangelists do not do this to their shame.

Bulletproof protection comes when hedged by Angels and any reformer needs this protection.  Even Satan could not touch Job because God hedged him.  A Born Again President will go with us when Jesus comes in the clouds so the duration of service is not important except during his time the Church will be able to freely evangelise in the coming revival without persecution.  America will be blessed if you Donald Trump heed this warning.


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