PRAISE THE LORD by Pastor Paul Locke for 20/12/2016

Glory of God can be seen and felt particularly at Christmas time when people sing praises to the Lord.  This time of peace and goodwill was prophesied by an Angel to the Shepherds watching their sheep at night when Jesus was born. (Lk 2:8-14)  Christmas Carols are singing praises to the Lord who inhabits these praises. The Glory of God manifested on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant where God met the Priests of Israel. (Ex 25:22)  Praise God.

Anointing by the Holy Spirit for service comes and goes but most times it is not felt by you.  The anointing is experienced by the people who speak to you and they acknowledge the time as a ‘God Time’. (Ecc 3:1)  When I feel the Glory of God it is a special time of fellowship with the Holy Spirit, for God honours those who fear him. (Ps 15:4)  When I lack a personal touch from God I start checking myself out to make sure I have not neglected my praise to the Lord.

Gloom and Doom preaching has in the past hardened those who resist the Gospel, however, we who have the benefit of foreknowledge must be ‘Watchmen’ for the few who must be ready for the coming of the Lord in the clouds. (1Thes 4:16-18)  N.A.S.A knows about the huge 10th planet Nibiru that has the potential to afflict the earth, and to avoid panic are quiet.  We who will go to be with Jesus in the air know about ‘Wormwood’ and will be gone from earth beforehand. (Rev 8:11)

Left Behind believers are those who refuse to praise God or listen to prophecy our early warning system, a bit like Radar.  Prophecy is God speaking to man through His Word and many examples of disobedience are written in the Bible. (2Kngs 5:27)  The movie Left Behind shows a Pastor lamenting in his church on the day after his congregation has gone up.  He was rebuking himself because he knew better and in a like manner Jesus said “I never knew you.” (Mtt 7:23)

Resting on Laurels is a term used when athletes ‘veg out’ breaking a training regime after victory.  The definition of Overcoming is not a once off event but a lifestyle able to repent even after a loving Godly rebuke and discipline. (Rev 3:19)  He who overcomes have been given the right to sit with Jesus on his throne, so listen for the voice of God and learn what the Spirit says to the churches for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. (Rev 1:1-3 & 19:10)


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