PRINCE WILLIAM by Pastor Paul Locke for 2/01/2017

Precedence for succession to the British Throne was established by politicians who insisted that King Edward VIII abdicate if he wanted to marry the American divorcee Wallis Simpson.This places Prince Charles and Camilla a divorcee off the list of contenders for the throne and Australia needs confirmation now to prevent going into a tailspin of forming a Republic.The Illuminati Jackals are circling knowing that Australians will not accept Charles and that time is ripe for a Republic.

Queen Elizabeth II needs to bless Australia by settling this matter now so Australians can forget a Republic.Ask Prince Charles to agree that you make a public statement that William is next in line of succession without the public making an issue of it.Christian hope is that the British Commonwealth will re-emerge stronger than at its height for the Bible reveals that only one quarter of the world population will be part of the New World Order.Our hope is for William to be a Christian inspiration.

Republic ploy is the New World Order plan to rule the world for Satan.The Australian Constitution can only be overcome when people vote for change through a referendum.This plan was revealed when past Prime Minister Bob Hawke boasted at a Fabian Society meeting that a Socialist dictatorship will come by careful adjustment to the Constitution through consensus.God turfed him out along with succeeding leaders with the same agenda.

Power to change is in the hands of rulers in this world and what they do depends on the intent of their hearts.God is quick to act against any who would touch the Lordís Anointed and there are many people appointed and anointed by the Lord.All people on earth know the difference between good and evil through the curse caused by eating the forbidden fruit from the tree in the Garden of Eden.I call on everyone to repent and believe on the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Daniel the Prophet spoke about these end times and knowledge so note this, God wins every time and He is good all the time.Satan is defeated and only has power over those who are his.You can say, ĎThe devil made me do ití and it is true, because he is the Father of Lies and there is no truth in him.There is no other name but Jesus by which a man can be saved so Freemasons think they are smart and have an each way bet presuming there is another way.Sorry, you lose.


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