REWARD by Pastor Paul Locke for 9/06/2017

Jesus is coming soon and his reward is with him. (Rev 22:12)  We are all looking at a ‘Wanted’ poster offering a reward for the capture of something and the Word of God is like this.  People seem to misunderstand the meaning of reward when taught about God, Jesus’ baptism of the Holy Spirit, provision, blessings, power and the ultimate reward of being lifted up to be with Jesus in heaven forever.  Understanding is a gift of God to prevent people perishing. (Hos 4:6)

Flesh is the fall-back position of everyone who fails to wait and rely on God for all things. (Php 4:19)  Allowing God to provide is the ultimate goal that must be learnt.  Observe those whom God supplies and see that there is nothing special about them except they have learned the value of a seed.  I know a man who boasts of being Born Again but has holes in his pockets because he sows into the wrong places, and the devil takes it away. (Mtt 13:19)  ‘If you have a need sow a seed to God’.

Righteousness is how we get God to listen to our pleading. (Jas 5:16b)  Our daily prayer life is important to God for each day is a new day with new tests in our growing up in the Lord.  This is the reason Jesus taught us how to pray correctly. (Mtt 6:9-13)  Some believers are like naughty children defined as milk drinkers and not adult meat eaters.  Faith eludes them and they are unable to please God.  Bring your needs to God in prayer and He will lift you up.

Creative Power is given by God to create wealth and we are to ask the Egyptians for gold, not believers. (Ex 12:35)  God asked Moses what he had in his hands and told him to use the staff.  People are a resource when used correctly, so I ask Africans ‘what do you have most?’  Yes it is people who need to be put to work and God has the perfect solution.  I saw shepherds with flocks planting gardens on the roadside outside the Kitale Airport Hotel; they have faith in seed to multiply. (Gen 9:7)

God provides so do not worry about food, drink, and clothing. (Mtt 6:31)  The most amazing miracles were seen when Moses led the Israelites to the Promised Land for forty years. (Deut 34:12)  Do not be too hard on yourselves because the Israelites after seeing the work of God in action later fell from faith.  This is the reason for God’s Grace, an undeserved reward through faith the Blood of Jesus Christ shed for the forgiveness of sin, a supernatural result of hearing the Gospel.


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