RITUAL FAITH by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 29/03/2017

Fixed Forms of worship are ritualising the Law of Moses in a like manner of the Disciples of Jesus. (Acts 2:46 & 21:25) They worshipped in the Temple of Jerusalem observing all the things expected of a Jewish adherents until God moved on Peter before meeting Cornelius.Peter was shown that forbidden food was made clean through thanksgiving. (Acts 10:14-15)Christians are under the Grace of God and the curse of the Law is removed by faith.

Law of Moses did not allow a Jew to enter the home or touch gentiles so ministering to the entire population was not possible.The Samaritans were Israelites who worshipped at the Blessing Mount Gerizim so laying hands on them for impartation of the Holy Spirit was permitted. (Deut 11:29 & Acts 8:18)On the other hand the Canaanite woman who sought healing for her daughter was not of the house of Israel and not entitled to the Childrenís Bread. (Mtt 15:24)

Grace is undeserved favour that only comes by faith in the Blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin. (Rom 3:24)Using fixed forms of worship by Christians comes from flawed teaching and it must be remembered what Jesus said, ďA time is coming when we will worship in Spirit and truth.Ē (Mtt 15:8-9) Jesus told us how to pray and that we should worship God in a personal manner, so we are reminded to pray in our prayer closet.Spirit and Truth is praying in the Spirit.

Highest Form is revealed when Jesus gave the Parable of the Lost Sheep, for all heaven rejoices when a lost sheep is found. (Lk 15:7)The disproportionate value of the one sheep to the ninety nine really emphasises how highly God values a lost soul.Nowhere else do I see a value higher than this and how we are equipped to do the work.(Mtt 28:18) The Church lacks understanding of this great power given to do the work and is exercised when we speak out Godís Word that does not return void.

Faith is a Gift that we administer with our little mustard seed faith, like harnessing draught horses to a plow or a man steering an ocean liner.To get this gift of faith we need to be Born Again through a process of repentance and ministry of laying of hands.(Acts 8:18)God is a Gentleman and will not do anything unless we ask, so if our earthly father will give us good gifts, then how much more will our Heavenly Father give us the Holy Spirit when we ask. (Lk 11:13)


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