ROYAL TELEPHONE by Pastor Paul Locke for 2/01/2017

Spirit Connection is how you speak to Jesus on the Royal Telephone.  The line is encoded so that the enemy cannot spy on your conversations and this code is called the language of Angels. (1Cor 13:1)  We do not understand the language unless we ask God for interpretation.  We use the gift of the Holy Spirit by Speaking in Tongues by faith, our will, and proof of the gift is answered prayer. (1Cor 15:13-16)  We pray with the gift of tongues an utterance and also with our minds at the same time.

Service line is dedicated to you when you scripturally have the Holy Spirit imparted to you by laying of hands. (Acts 19:6)  So the Holy Spirit works through you because a spirit without a flesh body has no authority on earth and this is why we are called the Temple of the Holy Spirit. (1Cor 6:19)   Our tongues have the power over life and death so, for this reason we are always to serve God with love and compassion.  The lost souls are snared by sin through deceit of the devil.

Devil Deceit works best through Christian teachers who are not Born Again who tell new Christians that they are automatically Born Again simply by receiving Jesus as their Saviour.  They figuratively rip many pages from the Bible that are contrary to their teaching. (Jhn 8:44)  As an Anglican I was sent by God to a Pentecostal Bible College to train to become a Pastor ‘not of the letter but of the Spirit, for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.’ (2Cor 3:6)

Anglican Primate in Sydney may need a Royal Telephone in order to bring the Church up to date with what Jesus is doing.  You can display your lack of the spirit of fear and I challenge you to pray with me or other Anglicans in our group a short prayer of empowerment (Acts 8:15-18) unlike your predecessor who publicly stated not having assurance of salvation.  Miracles are for today and the Church has power not yet discovered by most believers. (Jhn 14:12)

Mission Field in these last days are believers who are not yet Born Again.  How sad it will be for them to be left behind at the rapture of the Church when their leaders only have to listen to what the Spirit is saying to the Laodicean Church. (Rev 3:14-20)  They will become the Glorious Church of Overcomers given the right to sit with Jesus on his throne. (Rev 3:21-22)   Whosoever reads this message say “Maranatha, Amen, Come Lord Jesus


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