SAY THE WORD by Pastor Paul Locke for 16/02/2017

Creation was when the Word of God was spoken and the Holy Spirit ran with it when God said, “Let …” (Gen 1:2-3) This awesome power was given to man to perform on earth: for God is Spirit and a Spirit without a flesh body has no effect.  God rules through man whom He created out of nothing (ex-nihilo) and made angels ministering spirits to mankind to help man to rule and reign on earth. (Heb 1:14)  There is no plan B for you either serve God or Satan.

Power surge comes when God speaks through the Prophets with the classic example being Moses parting the Red Sea. (Ex 14:16)  Another example is Elijah calling down fire to burn the sacrifice to prove the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the real God. (1Kngs 18:37-39)  Since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of God; this power surge now rests upon Born Again, Spirit filled Christians who understand what they have and speak it out.

New Testament Saints seem as though they just have their toe in the water, sampling titbits of power and must now learn to overcome the world for God. (1Jhn 5:4)  My calling is to exercise this great power with my mouth to push back the powers of darkness.  Jesus tells us to ‘love’ and to ‘bless’ because this is like turbocharging that magnifies the effect of our words and prayers.  The power of life and death is in the tongue. (Prov 18:21)

The Centurion recognized authority and power of Jesus when he said, “Just say the word and my servant will be healed.” (Mtt 8:8)  Jesus passed this authority onto believers when he said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me, therefore you go...” (Mtt 28:18)  This power and authority is not half baked or less, but the full amount that Jesus has and He said, “Greater things you will do in my name.”

Miracles are common to me for I see at least one miracle a day and I can only see them when I am looking for them.  I say the Word and things happen, so you should prophesy by faith into your environment as if you are God, e.g. “The valley of dry bones.” (Ezek 37)  The promise of God is that when you speak his Word it will not return void, but goes out and accomplishes. (Isa 55:11)   Lord Jesus Christ is God who gave his only begotten son Jesus for a believer’s forgiveness.


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