SECOND CLASS CITIZENS by Pastor Paul Locke for 22/09/2016

Refugees are being dumped into Parramatta, jumping the Housing Department queues and overdevelopment with higher density building is creating ghettos.  A fair distribution would be to place them in the northern beaches until sanity returns.  If these refugees were Christians they would fly under the radar, but they are not and are flooding our streets with women wearing Islamic head dress.  There are a million Christian refugees in Jordan fleeing the Syrian conflict, where are they here?

Country areas have empty houses and lack farm workers so why are the refugees not settled in these places?  History reveals that past immigrants placed in these irrigation areas chose to remain to make their lives and work there.  It is regrettable that we import inferior produce from overseas that once was sourced locally.  All our best quality is exported leaving us as second class citizens to eat possibly dangerous food.

Leeton Cannery was the best quality food in the world and through lack of labour closed down to leave local farmers to plow produce back into the ground.  This gross neglect by government has occurred all around Australia and the question we should ask is: Why?  Christian refugees would be able to integrate seamlessly in our country areas and be blessed providing the numbers do not radically change existing norms of society.

Second Airport is a desperate attempt to place Richmond airport off limits to prevent interference with the underground Flying Saucer Factory.  The high speed rail to Badgerys Creek eliminates the need for a second airport.  Hong Kong airport has 68.5 million passengers per year and employs 65,000 workers with the world’s busiest cargo airport.  Buy back Mascot and remove the curfew with take-off and landing only across the bay with stacking only over the sea with added runways.

Yes Men in political parties allow mindless activity; so where is the House of Review in NSW Parliament?  Independent candidates need to be elected to correct the perversion that is occurring.  The best advice anyone can give is “You never sell your real estate.”  Who would not avail themselves of the ability to raise infrastructure capital by creating it out of thin air?  The Banks do because Government allows it and this proves our Pollies have made a Jesuit or Illuminati oath.


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