SHAME PARRAMATTA COUNCIL by Pastor Paul Locke for 27/01/2014

Australian Constitution is what makes Australia the land of the free and why people from all around the world seek to live here.  All laws in Australia must be aligned with the rights conferred by the Constitution.  Australia became a Republic in 1984 when the Australia Act was made in British Parliament.  Many evil people try to subvert our Constitution so for this reason there now exists the Australian Constitution Enshrining Act of 1985 with severe penalties for sedition.

Freedom of speech and religion is our heritage and for satanic reasons authorities try to stop Christians.  Jesus warned us that this would happen for His Namesake.  On Australia Day yesterday 26th January, 2014, Parramatta Council sent two Rangers to stop our team preaching in the Mall.  I always refuse to give any ground to the devil and over the years have dealt with this issue when confronted by authorities ignorant of the law.  Both Police and Council falsely believe the Local Government Act is superior to our Constitution.

Christian supporters for freedom of religion should come to the Parramatta Mall where we will be preaching the Gospel between 4pm and 5pm Sunday 2/2/2014.  Surely a crowd can come from the thousands upon thousands of people we have prayed with over the years.  If there is no apology for the action of the Rangers, then the unrighteous people of Parramatta are condemned to suffer the wrath of my God who is quick to defend us.

Unrighteous Politicians are about to promote a change to our Constitution and people should not allow them to get their sticky fingers on it through a referendum.  The latest ploy is to play on sympathy for Indigenous people by voters and the greed of unrighteous aborigines.  Australia has already recognized the Indigenous population in an earlier referendum where laws are made to align with it.  “Beware of the Greeks bearing gifts” is in reference to the Wooden Horse of Troy.

Great Earthquakes are expected worldwide very soon (Luke 21:11) and the edifices of man will fall to the ground leaving nowhere to hide in fear of God.  Each time I blessed Turkish schoolboys for swearing on my bus an earthquake occurred in Turkey, so after three different earthquakes in as many days, I stopped blessing them for cursing me.  I will bless Parramatta Council and the Rangers for cursing me after next Sunday if it is necessary.  Past Lord Mayor Books’ folly was ignoring me.

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