SHARIA LAW by Pastor Paul Locke for 24/11/2015

Christian faith is summed up by Jesus who told us that the Law of Moses is written in our hearts and that not one letter will pass away.  These Laws apply to all people on earth and a curse comes with a broken law.  If you break one of these laws you break them all and the penalty is death.  According to the Bible the Law of Moses is unkeepable and Jesus came to take upon himself this curse.  Believers can access this blessing and their sins forgiven.

Islam faith in God is through works and teaching of Mohammed conflicts with the Law of Moses.  You might ask “Who is right and the God they worship is he a different God?”   The answer is simple when we read the Bible, but confused when we read the Koran.  The God of Creation is different to the god of this world known as Satan.  People are the children of Satan when they kill another person and hell is their destination.

Jihad a call to evangelise for the faith is legitimate except if force is used.  God wants us to approach Him with love, faith, and charity.  A forced worship that comes with Sharia Law is not acceptable with God.  God lifts up the humble and pulls down the proud.  Islam needs to know that self-righteousness has no value in the sight of God and Jesus spells out what is in store for those who cause little ones to sin.

Australia is tolerant and will not be manipulated by change to our laws.  Our laws are the foundation for God’s blessings and passed onto us from British law.  Just look and see what has happened to countries given independence, which dropped the British Common and Statute law blessings.  Tin pot dictators make their own rules and the people suffer.  British law is founded on Christian values and focus on fairness and equality to all including male or female.

Circumcision of males sealed the Abrahamic Covenant and circumcision of the heart of male and female is preferred by God.  The Holy Spirit performs this by faith that comes when we repent and ask God to do it.  The Holy Spirit teaches us all things so believers in Islam receive a fresh insight into the ways of God.  To avoid the trouble times ahead seek this Holy Spirit circumcision.

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