SHEEP NATIONS by Pastor Paul Locke for 25/08/2017

Counting sheep is a method used to help people enter sleep and to God it is a measure of righteousness of nations. (Prov 14:34)Jesus refers to believers as his sheep and that he is the Good Shepherd.The Parable of the Lost Sheep indicates the value of a lost sheep being enough to cause all heaven to rejoice when one lost sheep is found. (Lk 15:7)Nowhere else in the Word of God is such a value placed on works or miracles?

Understanding end times may save many people from having to suffer the agony that accompanies Tribulation. (Lk 13:2-3)People are left behind when Jesus comes in the air for his sheep, and those people can only go with Jesus if their names are written in the Lambís Book of Life. (Rev 21:27)No one in their right mind would want to be thrown into the Lake of Fire because they rejected that the only way to the Father in Heaven is through Jesus.

Rogue Nations are called Goat nations, those who predominantly have unrighteous people at the helm.These nations will face the Lake of Fire because the individual people who believe in Jesus by this time have been taken to be with Jesus. (Rev 7:14)Death brings no sting to them because out of the body, immediately into the presence of Jesus. (1Cor 15:51-55)The North Korean leader should fear his Generals in a night of the Long Knives, for they will see the folly of fighting God.

Australia a Christian Nation, a Sheep Nation, is blessed and the enemy the servants of Satan fail to honour God and His creation. (Rom 1:21)Satan recruits workers through sin that allows entry of demonic spirits.God will deliver them from unrighteousness if they repent, that is turning away from their own ways to Godís ways. (1Jhn 1:9)I affirm by faith that Australia is the ĎGreat South Land of the Holy Spirití.

Service in Government of a nation by Christians is essential to peace and tranquillity. (Rom 13:4-7)Nations fall because of the choices we make to have evil people in government; for example Nazi Germany.All Christians not only should be ready to preach the Gospel, but throw their hat in the ring to serve as Politicians.Freemasons calling themselves Christians should be mindful of lying to the Holy Spirit. (Acts 5:5)


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