HEAD OF SNAKE by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 2/12/2016

Refugee problem can be identified when we look at a small band of leaders at the heart of every disruption.  In Europe it was Hitler then Stalin who caused people to run away to safety and when these evil men were removed it was safe for the people to return to their homes.  Later we had Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot that caused a mass exit from their homes.  Today we have militant Islam causing millions of people to flee.

Common Sense tells me that the leaders need to be removed from power and imprisoned for their crime.  Everywhere there are refugees and the people causing the problem; they like the head of a snake must be cut off.  Instead of waging war on a nation a police action is all that is necessary.  Begin with Nigeria and the African National Army who has a S.W.A.T. team who should remove Boko Haram leaders to restore peace. 

Return Refugees to their homes made safe and not allow them to integrate to curse other nations.  Militant Islam is not a religion but a political movement hell bent on ruling the world.  God is about to deal with them most severely in a coming war that includes them and Russia intent on taking Israel.  Sorry but they lose and become part of the State of Israel referred to as ‘Israelstine’ in a book that I have read.

Biblical map of the Middle East shows all the Israel neighbouring Arab states as part of Israelstine excluding the Gulf Oil states and east Saudi Arabia.  The exclusion of the Oil States suggests to me something dramatic will take place there.  Oil is their God so like Dagon the end of their oil supply is a distinct possibility.  No more will the world try to curry favour with Saudi Arabia that once had oil.

China will reel when half the population disappears in the rapture of the Church.  Now the war that causes them to begin to starve makes them focus on Israelstine a place of plenty.  A forced march by the East Asian nations will occur and knowledge of the Gospel is given to them by Angels.  Those who will not repent and turn to Jesus will be among those who perish in the valley of Armageddon.


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