SERVICEMEN & WOMEN by Pastor Paul Locke for 12/12/2016

Anzac Day is a day that Australia and New Zealand honour the dead from past wars.  The R.S.L. movement is an organising body for veterans who come together to remember the fallen.  This is a shame because they have allowed a group to grow in their midst that have no regard for anyone but themselves.  My travels to anoint all the High Places in New South Wales showed me the extent of Freemasonry that is a curse on Australia and the World.

Freedom of Australians was the purpose of going to war, but afterwards veterans stepped straight back into bondage of the devil through the Freemason Antichrist movement.  Proof that they are antichrists comes when they say, “There are many ways to God.”  This is directly opposed to Jesus who said, “I AM the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  Turf out every Freemason from your R.S.L. clubs and repent to be rid of the curse.

Hell is full of them who in the past have caused many to fall.  Their poor wives under demonic attack when left at home while the Freemason husband was out playing little boys games at the Lodge meetings.  I bind every one of them in the name of Jesus and silence their lips to prevent further perversion.  Why the many so called Christian Freemason pastors would think that God cannot see them and their deeds is because the devil deceives them.

Illuminati the group at the highest level of Freemasonry are groomed to rule the world for Satan.  The New World Order announced by ex-President Bush at the end of the Iraq war is allowed by God to become a refiner’s fire for mankind whom he loves.  The end will come soon for the NWO who are like a pack of Jackals feeding on human remains.  The victory was won when the devil crucified an innocent Jesus whose blood was shed for the forgiveness of sin.

The Church is the restrainer of Satan and when they soon depart in the rapture, and then Satan will be free to exert his destruction on earth.  The Bible says that if the time was not cut short, then no one would survive in the Tribulation.  Mass murder is what they plan and those they kill have a place reserved for them close to the throne of God.  If you have ever seen hell like I have, then do not go there.  It is not too late to repent and come out of Freemasonry.


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